What is the Best Generator to Buy?

Nowadays, electric power supply has been part of the basic needs of humans. Enduring power loss makes a great deal of hassle and discomfort within the household. The occasional power outages enrage moms thinking of the food supplies to spoil in the refrigerator, dads anticipating their basketball games, and even kids who could not almost live without the computer when battery charge has gone out. It is as if the absence of electrical power supply has isolated man trying to survive in a faraway island.

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One good thing about technology is that it can now provide ways on how to deal with power loss. In this generation, one option to consider is purchasing a generator.

Types of Generators:

There are at least four types of generators: the portable generator, the standby generator, the inverter generator, and the solar generator. Your preference will depend on our needs. Let us take a look at the different features of each type.

The first type is the portable generator. With a power range of 600 to 9000 watts, this type could supply a power backup for your basic low wattage appliances plugged in extension cords or in subpanels. If you do not want to see tangling extension cords everywhere, you could ask the assistance of an electrician to install a subpanel if you cannot do it yourself. In the event of power loss, a portable generator should be placed on a flat surface at least 10 ft. far from the house. This is to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning which could be exhausted by portable generators. Other options would be starting off the operation on electric or key starts or pull-starts considering how long the generator can run on a tank of gas. Well, if you are trying to keep the convenience, do not go over the one which will make you get up in the middle of the night to reload the fuel.

The most common generator for the home or job market is the portable generator. These range from small compact versions of around 45 pounds to larger units weighing around 300 pounds. They have the widest range of power options available and they can be used for almost any purpose that requires power.

The second type is the standby generator which could be powered by natural gas or propane and automatically starts during power failure. With an innate noise reduction system, a standby generator does not create much noise as much as a portable one does. Providing a power range between 7, 000 to 20, 000 watts, this type could energize even a centralized air conditioning unit 24/7. However, its installation should be strictly done by a professional electrician since its high voltage supply might compromise the safety of the family. On the other hand, the advantage stands out because even if you are not at home, the kids do not have to endure the power loss for this generator type automatically turns on during a power outage and automatically turns off when the power outage is over.

Another type of generator is the inverter generator. Ranging from 800 to 3000 watts, this type could power up lighting facilities and low wattage appliances. This type is ideal for camping, boating, and other outdoor activities but not much on household power supply.

One good thing about generating energy is that it could be outsourced from nature. This is manifested in solar generators. Daylight panels exposed to direct sunlight could actually produce up to 2,000 watts of power. This is ideal for those living in open areas such as houses locate by the seashore or open fields.

Power Sources for Generators

Basically, generators are powered by gasoline, diesel fuel or propane (also referred as natural gas). Hence, environmentalists could also opt to use alternative energy systems such as solar, wind, or hybrid power to lessen their expenses especially that fuel price hike flares up every now and then. On the outset, these alternative and renewable energy systems have very limited power supply which could be addressed by other energy sources. Diesel is more expensive than gasoline but it is maintenance-free in ensuring its efficiency. On the setback, diesel is not always readily available especially in major blackouts so you could still resort to propane is easily obtainable with its unlimited shelf life.

Taking into account the convenience that you want to secure during power failures, your choice among these power sources would definitely be gauged based on your power needs. but what should you really consider in purchasing the best generator set suited to your family’s needs?

Important Features of a Generator

Imagine the worst case scenario when there would be a comprehensive blackout for at least a week. Which electric powered items at home cannot make your family live without? Well, better grab a pen now and list these items because this will be your major guide to track the best generator set for your family.

Starting from the kitchen (of course, this is the powerhouse of survival) to the other parts of the house, identify the basic electric powered items necessary to perform your everyday household duties. The list might include cellular phone chargers, LED television, electric bulbs, and electric fans. Set your priorities. These appliances have specified information such as model and wattage which should be accounted for backup power reference. List the equipment and their corresponding wattages, total the wattages, and determine the capacity of the generator set that you will purchase. Do not forget to allocate allowances in the computation in anticipation of other indoor activities.

Another concern which you should look into is the ease of handling the generator set. Find a generator set that could be easily and safely utilized even by the kids in the event that the power loss happens in your absence. Check for the included accessories such as power cords that should not be overloaded with a couple of appliances.

Finally, consider your budget. Efficient generator sets do not necessarily have to be the most expensive ones, and even if they do, would you be able to afford it? The guarantee of its efficiency still lies on its specification and features so better canvass and examine a number of brands before running to the counter.

Now that you are already well-informed, it would be easier now to deal with the absence of electric power. You and your family do not have to live like a cave man anymore even in the midst of a strong typhoon. In fact, your home could be a safe and cozy place to stay even during a total blackout.

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