Top Brand Portable Generators

Looking for an affordable Portable Generator? Our life has become much reliant on electricity for almost everything we do. As much as hydroelectric power and Solar panels are efficient energy sources, they are not dependable as generators. Imagine a major power outage when your fresh food is in the fridge or while following your favorite TV program. Indeed, there is nothing frustrating as such and that’s why everyone requires a generator.

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The portable generator provides you with uninterrupted power supply and allows you to move with it wherever you want. Whether you want to pump water or just take your entertainment outdoor, they remain the most convenient and reliable sources of power. The following are the Top Brand Portable Generators.

Best Inverter Generator under $500

WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator Review

For those looking for a clean energy free of voltage drops and spikes, then the WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator is the perfect portable generator. Featuring power output of up to 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts, WEN 56200i portable Generator is approved by the US Department of Health and Human Services. It’s ideal for campsites, tailgates, construction sites, job sites among others.

The 4 stroke 79.7 cc OHV engine delivers power at a very low noise level, low than an average conversation or an air conditioner. This ensures that your camping is not disrupted by loud noise, like that produced by regular generators. It is perfect for running sensitive electronic equipment such as cellphones, laptops, televisions, tablets among others. When operating under no load, the generator is limited to 0.3 % harmonic distortion and 1.2 % at full load. Its lightweight design enhances portability while the efficient one-gallon gasoline tank delivers more than 6 hours of half-load runtime.

The power output panel consists of one 12V DC receptacle, 2 three-prong 120V receptacles, and a single 5V USB port. For fuel economy maximization, the generator comes with an Eco-Mode Throttle which allows the motor to adjust its fuel consumption automatically as you plug and unplug equipment. This assists in the prevention of unnecessary consumption of excess fuel. If you want more energy, you can link up WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator to another generator using the WEN 56421 Parallel Connection Kit, which is sold separately. This enables you to share power amongst various outputs. To safeguard the generator and your equipment from damage, it has been fitted with low-fuel and low-oil automatic shutdown system featuring light indicators. There is also an overload protection safeguard.

Best Most Reliable Generator under $200

Champion Power Equipment 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator Review

Originating from China, the Champion Power Equipment 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator is an excellent lightweight, a portable and quiet generator for home usage and out-door power supply. Feel free to take with it with you to any job site, camp site or any other remote location for uninterrupted power supply.

Champion generator features 17.7 x 14 x 14.8 inches of dimensions and weight of just 61.7 pounds. It is rated at 1200 Watts though its maximum power output is 1500 Watts. This is capable of running multiple equipment such as lights, refrigerators, televisions. It is fitted with 80cc OHV engine that is capable of running for up to 10 hours when on full gas tank, at 50% load time. Its noise level is rated below 65 Dba and it has EPA/CARB approval. The generator also come with a 120 Volts output, voltmeter, low oil sensor and Overload protection.

Top Rated Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800 Watt Generator Review

With an awesome weight of just 50 pounds, the WEN 56180 1800 Watt Generator is a lightweight and compact portable power generator that offers you reliable power supply wherever and whenever you require it. It is designed in an excellent featuring dimensions of 19.9 x 15.9 x 17.1 inches. This generator is a perfect camping companion, thanks to its 1800 surge watts and 1500 running watts that is capable of running multiple appliances such as computers, music systems, slow cooker, refrigerator, water pump and much more.

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t worry. This power output is great to keep your microwave, blender, television operating. It also ensures that your phone remains charged. The generator has a 1.45-gallon tank that delivers 7 hours and 30 minutes of half-load running time. Included in the power output panel, is a 12 DC outlet featuring cigarette-lighter style, 2 AC 120V outlets, and a three-pronged 12.5A wall outlets. To safeguard the unit from damage, it has been fitted with Low-oil shutdown safeguards.

WEN 56180 1800 Watt Generator is safe to use anywhere, at home or for outdoor events. It is an EPAIII and CARB-compliant engine that is rated at 98cc of power. For temperature regulation, the engine is fitted with an internal air-cooling system. There is a spark arrestor to prevent lighting strikes when using the generator in a forest or national parks.

Best Portable Inverter Generator under $400

Generac 5791 800 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Featuring dimensions of 18 x 10 x 15 inches and a weight of just 29 pounds, the Generac 5791 800 Watt Inverter Generator is up to 40 percent lighter than a standard generator of such power output. Also, unlike other standard generators, it uses a unique alternator for AC power generation.

It is great power supplier for those who’re going for road-shows, thanks to its lightweight, compact and durable design. It comes with an excellent in-built handle that makes it convenient to carry it with you to your camping site. Enjoy a great recreation and entertainment with this awesome generator that comes with 800 running watts and 850 starting watts.

Inverter generators are designed with Generac’s iX Series inverter technology that converts the raw power produced by the generator to AC. This digital inverter module enables the engine to operate at varying speeds, allowing the raw power generated to pass through special electronic processors. This ensures that the final AC power output is clean and safe for your sensitive electronic devices such as computers, DVD players, phones and others. The inverter technology also helps in the reduction of fuel consumption levels and noise.

Most Affordable Portable Generator on Amazon

All Power America APG3004D Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Also featuring in the list of the Top Brand Portable Generators, is the All Power America APG3004D Gas Powered Portable Generator that is designed for both camping enthusiasts, homeowners, and business operators. It lights weight and compact size makes it convenient for carrying to job site, camps and any other place you may require power. It weighs just 47 pounds and measures 15.6 x 13.8 x 13.2 inches in dimensions.

It offers an amazing power output of 1,200 surge watts and 1,000 continuous watts. With a 2-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine, the generator is capable of running for 8 hours and 30 minutes of half load running time. This is under 1.2 gallons of fuel and integrated 12 volts, 15 Amp DC battery. To prevent the generator from vibrating and crawling, it comes with an attached rubber feet while a circuit breaker has been fitted to protect it and the equipment from power overload. There is a noise reduction system capable of reducing noise levels to less than 68 decibels.

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