Best Small Generator Reviews for 2017

Do you need access to electricity but don’t don’t want to lug a large, heavy generator everywhere you go? Then consider purchasing a small, portable generator. There are many situations where people need electric to power small devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops but don’t need nor want a huge generator.

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Smaller, portable generators are the perfect solution when we are away from a reliable power source. They can easily charge a mobile phone or laptop battery and can even power small appliances such as a microwave or an electric grill.

They work well for camping, tailgate parties and picnics where you want to power a radio or a movie projector. Smaller compact generators are something that everyone should own.

Five Top Rated Small Generators

Best Small Generator To Buy

All Power America APG 3004D Portable Generator Review

The All Power America APG 3004D Portable Generator is a compact generator that is powered by gas and started with a recoil starter. It contains two outlets – a standard AC and a 12V outlet which is perfect for charging your smaller electronics. While you have to use mixed fuel in this generator due to the two stroke engine, it will save you time and effort.

This generator runs on 800 Watts and has a surge of up to 1000 Watts. It is perfect for camping and picnicking because it runs very quietly. You will barely notice that it is turned on. People who own this generator really like the small size and the durability.

Best Generac Portable Inverter Generator

Generac 5791 800-Watt Inverter Generator Review

Generac makes a variety of generators in many different sizes – from portable, compact models all the way up to larger, standby models. The Generac 5791 800-Watt Inverter Generator has an extremely portable design which makes it perfect for camping or tailgating. It also works well for doing small construction or remodeling projects around the house. It continuously runs at 800 Watts with a surge capacity of 850 Watts.

The dual standard, three prong outlets that are included on this generator are protected from overloads. The engine also has a low oil shutoff to prevent damage and increase efficiency. Owners of this generator really like the quiet operation of this model and the easy ignition.

Best Portable Inverter Generator under $500

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

Wen is not exactly a household name but it should be. They produce some of the highest quality generators on the market. The WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator is an example of this. It uses inverter technology to extremely stable and clean power that will not destroy your precious electronic equipment. It has a surge of up to 2000 Watts with a continuous generation of 1600 Watts.

This little generator is very powerful and can provide a limited backup generation. It is great to have on hand during small power outages due to thunderstorms and other natural disasters. This generator has parallel operation abilities and also has overload protection. The engine is easy to start and will warn you when the oil gets low.

There are two standard three prong outlets and a 12-volt DC outlet as well as a USB charging station. People who have owned and used this generation love the inverter power generation and claim that it is stable and reliable.

Best Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator

Westinghouse WH2400i Digital Inverter Generator Review

Westinghouse not only makes electronic equipment, but they also make some of the best small generators on the market in 2017. The Westinghouse WH2400i Digital Inverter Generator contains two standard three prong outlets and a 12-volt cigarette lighter connection. All outlets on this generator are protected by a main breaker.

This inverter generator has a small design with an easy to use carrying handle for travel and portability. The low oil sensor will alert you when the engine oil is low.

The Westinghouse WH2400i has a starting 2400 Watts with 2100 Watts of continuous power which is plenty of power for many small to medium size appliances. People who own this generator like the clean, stable power and they love portable design.

Best Honda Generator for Home Backup

Honda EU2000I Super Quiet Inverter Generator Review

Honda is consistently ranked highest when it comes to generators, particularly portable generators. The Honda EU2000I Super Quiet Inverter Generator has a surge of 2000 Watts with a consistent 1600 Watts running.

The Honda EU2000I is fully capable of parallel operation with other Honda models so you can easily add more power if needed. This model contains two standard outlets, a 12 volt outlet and is overload protected.

This generator has dual operating modes for higher fuel efficiency. It has an extremely quiet operation which makes it ideal for camping. Owners of this generator love that they can hook two of them together to get more power and they like that it is both reliable and quiet.

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Each generator listed above will give you reliable, high quality power, however, it is important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions outlined in the operation manual included with the generator. All safety instructions and warnings need to be followed to prevent any injuries or death while using the generator. When all safety instructions are followed, you will be able to benefit from having a portable source of power for all of your electronic devices.