Best Small Generator for the Money

Generators are those which works on diesel or gasoline to produce power. They provide a backup for generating electricity when main source is not available. These generators consist of an internal combustion engine coupled with alternator.

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They supply power to the required household appliances. In the past, generators used to create heavy vibrations and noise, but the generators which are used now are very silent and energy efficient. The best small generator for the money should be energy efficient, should produce more power and Eco-friendly.

These portable generators give so many benefits like backing up electrical source in the house, generating electricity in on site works, providing power for people who live in catastrophic areas. Below are some of the generators and their description.

Best Value Cheap Portable Generator

PowerPro 56101 Generator Review

The PowerPro 56101 Generator is of 1000 watt capacity. This type of generator is easy to handle and can be taken anywhere. It has a spark arrestor for preventing sparks in the exhaust. By using this arrestor, back fire can be avoided.

With its muffler and silencer, this generator is comparatively more silent. It does not even create vibrations because of its dampers. This generator is certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This generator is powered by fuel mixture of Oil and Gas in 1:32 ratio. On half load, this can run up to five hours of its run time.

The maximum output of this power pack is 1000 watts. It consists of a prime mover of Single cylinder, 2 HP, 2 Stroke Engine. The rated output of this power pack is 900 watts. The capacity of this generator’s fuel tank is one gallon. This unit comes with rope recoil starter.

Best Rated Small Portable Generator

Champion 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator Review

The maker of the Champion 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator is Champion Power Equipment. This is light in weight compared to other generators. At 50% load it can work up to 10 hours. It has a rope recoil start which is easy to pull and operate.

The maximum watt of this unit given by the manufacturer is 1500 watts. The rated power of this is 1200 watts. The main feature of this unit is, it has a sensor for low level of oil. When the oil level is low in this unit, it sounds an alarm and makes the user alert. The fuel tank capacity of this is 1.45 gallons.

The rated voltage of this generator is 120 volts. The engine speed is only 3600 RPM to produce 60 hertz single phase electricity. For the safety of this unit, the manufacturer has provided an oil guard and a spark arrestor. The circuit breaker is also provided for this unit to prevent the damage of circuit in case of any fault in generator and to prevent overloading of the generator.

Best Small Power Source under $100

Black & Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station Review

The Black & Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station is a professional multi-purpose power pack manufactured by Black & Decker which provides with a compressor, a jump starter, and power generator. The features of this professional power station are mentioned below.

The power source of this unit is from a battery and can be recharged from any indoor power outlet. As there is no use of gas for generating the power, there is no emission of fumes and is Eco-friendly. The main feature with this is, it provides the operator with an alarm system which warns when the connections of the battery are improper. This provides an on board storage of clamp and cable.

The unit is featured with a knob instead of a key for starting and stopping of the power pack. It comes with one USB port, One DC and two AC power outputs. The generator also comes with 120 psi compressor which can be used to inflate the vehicle tires.

Best Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Honda EU 2000 Watt Super Quiet Generator Review

The Honda EU 2000 Watt Super Quiet Generator is manufactured by Honda. It is fuel efficient and easy to carry where ever needed. This is of maximum 2000 watt power pack which provide electricity to standard household outlet.

It comes with heavy duty Honda GX100 engine and has a fuel capacity of 0.95 gallons. On 1/4th load, this unit can run up to 8.1 hours and 3.4 hours at rated load. It has a rated voltage of 120 Volts and comes with a recoil start system. This unit weighs about 46 lbs and so it is light weight compared to other generators.

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So, the above mentioned power generators are some of the best products in their segment. By going through the above mentioned features and specification of generators, one can get the best small generator for the money they spend.