Best Quiet Generator for Travel Trailer 2017

Those who have been camping at an RV park understand the annoyance of being woken up in the middle of the night by a loud generator. Save yourself and your neighbors the frustration by getting a quiet generator.

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There are plenty of quiet generators on the market that will provide you and your neighbors a restful night sleep. Below you can find reviews of the best quiet generators for travel trailers.

Best Propane Powered Quiet Generator

Sportsman Propane Powered GEN4000LP Review

The Sportsman Propane Powered GEN4000LP is one of the quietest propane generators for camping. It runs softly at 68 dba and can run for 10 hours on half load. The engine is a 6.5 horsepower OHV 4 stroke engine that has overload protection and an air cooled automatic voltage meter.

This machine runs at 3250 watts with a 4000 watts surge. It has a five foot regulator hose and weighs 93 pounds. There are many outlets including a 120 volt standard outlet and 12 volt DC battery charger.

The Sportsman GEN4000LP sells for $300 online and has a 4 star Amazon rating. It is easy to start and is extremely portable.

Best Quiet Generator for Travel Trailer

Durostar DS4000S Review

The Durostar DS4000S is one of the quietest generators for travel trailers. It runs softly at only 69 dba due to the built-in muffler and spark arrestor. The engine runs at 3300 watts with a 4000 watts surge. It is a 7 horsepower OHV 4 cycle engine that can hold four gallons of fuel and runs for eight hours on half load.

This generator is EPA approved and weighs just 93 pounds. The low oil sensor will shut down the engine when the oil gets low. It has many outlets including a 120 volt 20 amp outlet, two 30 amp twist lock 120 volt outlets and a three prong 120 volt outlet.

The engine is carb compliant and can be purchased in all 50 states. It includes a one year warranty which starts at the time of purchase.

Best Camping Generator to Buy

DuroMax XP4400E Generator Review

If you are looking for the best camping generator to buy, then you must check out the DuroMax XP4400E. It is a gas powered, portable generator that includes a 4400 watt, 7 horsepower OHV 4-cycle engine. It has a wheel kit and a heavy-duty frame to protect it while traveling.

It has a quiet exhaust and a built in spark arrestor which reduces the noise output to just 69 dba. You will not disturb the other campers with this generator. The power panel makes it easy to control while the volt meter contains a circuit breaker. The motor mount will hep prevent vibrations which also reduce the noise output.

The low oil indicator will detect low oil in the engine and will shut it down to prevent damage. The engine runs at 3500 watts with a 4400 watts surge. It can hold four gallons of fuel and can run for eight hours at 50% load. The entire generator weighs 130 pounds and has a flip handle for storage. It comes with all the outlets you needs including 20 amp 120 volt outlets and a twist lock of 120/240 volts. the DuroMax XP4400E sells for $450 online and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon making it the best generator for camping.

Best Electric Start Portable Generator

Champion Equipment 73536i Review

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i is a gas powered inverter generator. It includes a 2,000 watt 4-stroke OHV engine. It is carb compliant and can be sold in every state. There is a low oil sensor and overload protection to help prevent damage to the motor and electrical circuits.

A great money-saving feature is the economy mode and automatic idling. This allows you to save money by reducing the amount of gas used. It can run for nine hours on just 25 percent load. The engine has a noise output of a quiet 53 dba.

The Champion Equipment 73536i retails for $600, has a 4.5 star rating and includes a two year limited warranty making it one of the highest rated generators for camping.

Best Rated Portable Generator for Travel Trailer

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review

The Champion Power Equipment 46529 is one of the highest rated portable generators for travel trailers. This generator has a 196cc 4-stroke gas powered engine with a wireless remote electric start. It also has a wheel kit with two never-go-flat wheels that make it very portable. It only weighs 140 pounds. It can power your travel trailer for 12 hours at 50% load.

Outlets found on this generator include a 120v twist lock and a RV receptacle. The engine is protected by a cast iron sleeve and it includes a two year warranty. It is rated for 3500 watts and has a 4000 watts surge.

The overload protection will prevent damage while the included remote control allows you to operate the generator from inside your camper. It retails for $460 and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon making it a great portable generator for any camper.

Here is a short-list on Amazon of the best quiet generators for travel trailers.

If you enjoy having access to electric while camping, then any of these 5 generators will meet your needs. They are all portable and easy to move but, best of all, they will all provide your RV with all the power you will need.

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