Best Portable Generator for RV

If you are thinking about pursuing RV life, either permanently or temporarily as a vacation, you are going to need a good generator. The question of the best portable generator for RV is bound to attract a varied number of answers.

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RV Generators are not equal. Some models are simply better than others. It is important for you to understand the different factors to keep an eye out for, especially if you want to acquire the best value for your investment.

For a lot of people, size is the most important factor, though it could be argued that the value of any given RV generator is best judged by the power it has to offer. After all, there is little point in buying a generator that doesn’t have the power to operate all your electronic devices.

Along with issues of noise and fuel capacity to mention but a few, there is no such thing as the best RV generator. Rather different generators are bound to appeal to different people based on their particular needs. However, for those individuals simply looking for the best portable generator for RV, the following are particularly impressive machines:

Five Great Portable Generators For Recreational Vehicles

Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Generator Review

This generator is perfect for individuals with a craving for the convenience of both propane and gas. The Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Generator boasts a 7HP, 210cc, four-stroke air-cooled engine capable of generating up to 4,850 surge watts and 3,850 rated watts; this is a decent output capable of contending with the needs of most large home appliances like microwave ovens and air conditioning units.

As per its name, Dual Fuel, the generator can utilize both gasoline (which is cheaper and more commonly available) and propane (which is cleaner). The generator can run for an estimated 20hours on a full propane tank and 8hours on a full fuel tank, which is decent.

Compact, quite portable and boasting a convenient electric start as well as a full power panel with a volt meter, this generator might prove to be a little loud for some people. Because of the Dual Feature, it is also a little pricey.

Best 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator Review

With the Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator, you can look forward to a 196cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeves, capable of generating an estimated 4000 surge watts and 3500 rated watts.

Capable of running for 12 hours at 50% load, the generator comes with a pair of 120 volt AC outlets, a single 120-volt twist lock and a low oil shutoff sensor. Mounted on eight-inch wheels, the generator has a modern design, a solid construction and heavy duty components designed to ensure its durability over the long run.

The machine’s most attractive feature is most likely its wireless start, the remote control simplifying the process of starting the generator. Despite the superb performance and versatility of the generator, some people might find the process of draining gasoline with a siphon a little too taxing and time-consuming.

Top Portable Generator With Wheel Kit

DuroMax XP8500E-CA Generator Review

The DuroMax XP8500E-CA is a gas-powered generator with a 16HP air-cooled OHV engine capable of generating 7000 running watts. Designed with both a recoil start and an electric start, this generator is as effective at a construction site as it might be in an RV.

Along with four 120-volt outlets, a 12-volt DC output and a 120/240-volt twist lock for powerful tools and appliances, you do not need to worry about overloads with this generator, not with its 15amp circuit breaker.

Notable features include an automatic low oil shut off mechanism, a seven-gallon gas tank that will keep the generator running for eight hours straight and an electric key start. The fact that the generator has a muffler that reduces engine noise is an added benefit.

With the DuroMax XP8500E-CA, you are assured of value for your money.

Top Portable Generator for RV

Yamaha EF5200DE Generator Review

The Yamaha EF5200DE is a gasoline generator that doesn’t differ that drastically from any average portable gas generator. Capable of a maximum power output of 5.2kw, the fact that this machine is 189.6lbs makes it noticeably heavier than the average portable gas generator.

Boasting a four-stroke, air-cooled OHV single cylinder 357cc engine the generator can run for an estimated 7hours. Users can look forward to a new combustion chamber design (which guarantees improved power output as well as efficiency), a brushless alternator and auto voltage regulation mechanisms which ensure that the right power is delivered to one’s appliances.

Despite its impressive power and low emission levels, the generator is a little high maintenance. Some people might also not be impressive by its relatively low running time.

Best Portable Generator with Wireless Remote

Champion Power Equipment 41533 Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 41533 Generator is a joy to work with. If you have never tried your hand out at this machine, you can look forward to a 493cc four-stroke OHV engine with cast iron sleeves.

Availing an automatic low oil shutdown mechanism, the generator is easy to maintain, its solid build ensuring durability and longevity. The electric start makes the process of starting the generator rather convenient, and the intelligauge display simplifies the process of monitoring the voltage, frequency and operating hours left.

Along with a circuit breaker protection system that prevents overloads, this generator has been designed with reliability in mind, capable of providing dependable power to RVs whenever required.
The 5.9gallon fuel tank is capable of keeping the generator running for an estimated 12 hours at 50% load.

Along with powerful steel frames that provide comprehensive protection to the generator and integrated handles and ten-inch wheels that simplify the process of transporting and positioning the device, you will not be disappointed with this Champion generator.

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Portable RV generators are a dime a dozen today. Selecting the perfect generator from the variety of models and brands on offer can present a number of challenges, especially when you consider the numerous factors you must account for.

From the fuel type of the generator to the amount of noise it generates, you cannot afford to get lazy regarding your decision of portable RV generator. However, the fact that there are so many options to choose from on the market should be celebrated rather than feared. And so long as you understand generators and their components, selecting the right generator for your needs shouldn’t be too difficult a task to accomplish.