Best Portable Generator for Home Backup Power

Power outages have become a dark part of our lives. If you are reading this then you must have experienced the effects of power outage in your home or at your construction site. Or at least you have imagined what it would be like to lose electricity for an hour or more.

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Basically, you will not be able to cook, no phone services and all the lights out. Your refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, security system and computers will also stop running. Major causes of power cuts are strong winds, storms or the heavy snowfalls.

The use of portable generators is a reliable way of curbing emergency loss of electricity in your home or construction site. How would you choose the best portable generator for home back up power? With the many portable generator models currently in the market, choosing a portable generator is one of the most difficult tasks. I work with a group of electrical engineers and our role is to test the capabilities, performance, specifications and features of generators.

After testing several portable generators this year, we recommend four suitable portable generators for home back up power. I will share our findings with you.

Best Small Generator with Long Run Time

WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

This an all-purpose generator which is suitable for home power back up, social events, sporting activities and construction site power supply. The generator can reliably run household equipment and lighting as well as grinders, drills, welding machines, saws and any other equipment needed at a job site. It comes with a spark arrestor which makes it appropriate for use in parks and forests.

The WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator has an OHV air-cooled engine. The 7HP has the necessary power to deliver 3000W of power by turning the alternator at a speed of 3600RPM. However, when extra power is needed, the generator supplies up to 3500W which can comfortably serve most homes and job sites. It has a comparatively big fuel tank which holds up to 4 gallons of gas. This is enough to sustain a run time of up to 11 hours on half-load.

Best Portable Generator under $1000

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator Review

This is another portable generator that made it to our list. It is very efficient and reliable for home power back up. It has a running power output of 7500W and a starting power supply of 9000W. This is impressive as it can typically provide all the power needs of your home including a complex security system and outdoor lighting.

The Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator will adequately protect you from emergency power cuts. It has alternator laminations of high frequency which are essential for increasing the electrical output as fuel consumption is low. Another important feature of the Westinghouse WH7500E gas-powered is the fact that it has an automatic mechanism of voltage regulation. This provides enough power supply to demanding home appliances.

Best Portable Generator with Remote Start

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 is another great equipment for reliable power supply in homes, RV and job sites. The champion produces a rated 3500W and a maximum of 4000W. Ideally, this is enough to run all your home equipment including a dozen lamps, LCD TV, computers, a toast oven and a few other home appliances. It is a powerful equipment for home users.

This gas-powered equipment has a 196 cc OVH engine and features a CARB approved cast iron sleeve. This means it can be sold in over 50 states here in the US including California. The generator comes with a remote control which makes operating easy even from the comfort of your living room.

Most Reliable Generator for Home Backup Power

DuroMax XP10000E Generator Review

The DuroMax XP10000E Generator is one of the most powerful generators for home use. It has an impressive running power output of 8000W and a starting output of 10000W. This makes it able to comfortable run all your home appliances without any shortage. It has a fairly large gas tank of about 8.3 gallons. This equipment is EPA approved.

This is a suitable equipment for both home and job site where it will ensure that your equipment and tools run efficiently despite the possible power outages. It has a dual circuit breaker of 33amp so overload will not be your worry.

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Using the above analysis, you can easily choose the best portable generator for home back up power. This will depend on the voltage your home appliances may need and the weather conditions around your residence or camp site. It is also essential to consider the ease of operation and the run time on half load.