Best Portable Generator for Construction

Finding a generator for construction is not the easiest of tasks, with the variety and the diversity in the generator market. While there is a lot of information online regarding the best generator to buy or to use for specific functions, very few- if not none of them- give a comprehensive review on the qualities of good generators.

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Therefore, what specifications should the best generators take on? How much should one looking to spend on a generator aim? Generators are important in construction, as we all know- assuming most of us have visited construction sites- and therefore should be able to provide power at all times during the activity of construction.

Each construction site should be treated individually since they have different work-loads and different types of jobs to be done. Identifying these helps one to determine the best portable generators for construction.

Few generators would meet this requirement, among which are mentioned below:

Best Gas Generator for the Money

DuroMax XP4400EH Portable Generator Review

The amount of power the DuroMax XP4400EH Portable Generator can support at any given time is 3500 watts. This refers to the running watts of the generator. This power rating is sufficient to run enough power tools and appliances with little difficulty. The generator sports a rating of 7 horsepower.

Additionally, it is equipped with a fuel tank capable of storing 4 gallons. Being a hybrid unit, the generator is able to run on propane. When running, this generator is able to run up to 20 hours, manifesting its efficiency at cutting down fuel consumption.

The fact that this generator does little in terms of polluting the environment makes it convenient and justly labeled as a generator for the future. Another advantage with the generator is that switching between fuels is relatively quick and easy, and its flexibility is convenient since one can attach larger propane tanks, enabling more work efficiency on the generator’s part- something that will be appreciated by construction workers.

Best Heavy Duty Portable Gas Generator

Generac Power Sys 5941 Review

The Generac Power Sys 5941 is equipped, as the other modern generators are, with an electric start as well as the option of a pull cord. The generator is able to run for 10 hours when operating at 50% load and comes with a low oil shutdown to prevent engine damage.

The heavy duty cradle and mobility kit on the generator is designed to protect the generator while making it easy to move. It sports a Generac OHV engine with splash lubrication for a longer engine life. It is further equipped with a low tone muffler which enables working under low noise conditions.

Another thing that makes the generator unique is its 7.2 gallon fuel tank that provides the ability to monitor fuel ‘At-A-Glance’.

Most Durable Portable Generator

PowerStroke PS906811P Generator Review

The PowerStroke PS906811P Generator is among the best portable generators available in the market, with specifications that would make most construction workers drooling. With a running watt of 6800 and a starting watt of 8500, the PowerStroke presents not only a powerful generator but one that consumes power economically.

The PowerStroke comes with a commercial grade engine with an electric start and a clean power alternator that makes the generator safe to power sensitive electronics. The generator includes: handle lock pins and lanyards, engine lubricant, folding handles and 10 in. never flat wheels.

While using the PowerStroke, it is advised that one pure gas if available and fresh fuel when possible.

Top Portable Generator for Construction

A-iPower SUA7500E Electric Start Gasoline Generator Review

A new entry into the portable generator business, the A-iPower SUA7500E Generator belongs to the new line of generators manufactured by the company- and runs on 6000 watts while having a starting power of 7000 watts.

The tank size contained by the generator is a massive 7 gallons, with the option of either an electric start or recoil. The generator; furthermore, has a low noise level- marked at 74 dB. The company, Ai-Power makes it easy for customers to determine the power ratings of their products, since their power ratings are encrusted on the machine’s identification number. In this case, the 7500 represents the power rating of the generator.

When run at 1/2 load, the generator is capable of running between 7 and 10 hours. Being approved by the EPA, the emission levels are excusable. Even though mufflers in the generator ensure only adequate noise pollution, the noise is not as low as the other generators.

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The list of generators reviewed provides some of the best portable generators for construction. Their fuel efficiency and their noise reduction techniques together with their long running times even when on 1/2 load manifests their convenience.