Best Inverter Generator for the Money

Many buyers ask whether they should purchase a traditional power generator and a inverter generator, which is technology that was introduced in the market recently. Personally, we believe this is something you must decide on your own. Making the decision would be easy if you know everything about the inverter technology and how it compares with the traditional generators.

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As a buyer, it is very important to find the ‘right’ generator for your needs, which can be done by checking its features and capabilities. In this review, we will describe how inverter generator works and also list five best inverter generator for the money.

How Inverter Generators Works?

The inverter technology has three stages. First, the generator produces alternating current (AC). Second, the microprocessor on the generator converts the AC into direct current (DC). Lastly, the inverter converts the DC into AC again.

On the other hand, the traditional power generator produces AC directly. First, the engine produces the mechanical power, which is transformed into electrical power with the help of the alternator.

Advantages of Inverter Generators vs Traditional Generators

The AC power that is created from an inverter generator is clean, without surges and irregularities, which makes it safe enough to power sensitive electronic devices such as laptops, printers, and multimedia devices.

An inverter generator is more energy efficient than the traditional generator.

Lastly, the inverter generator is much quieter (between 3 and 8 dB) than the traditional one, thanks to the speed regulation.

With all these advantages, there should not be any disadvantages, right? Well, unfortunately, there is one: the inverter generator is not cheap. Although the prices have gone down than it were few years back, because of the ever growing competition, but they are still not as low as you would like them to be.

Five Great Inverter Generators

The following 5 best inverter generator for the money will quickly pay for itself as it brings tons of benefits you may have been expecting.

Top Rated Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator Review

The WEN 56200i is a portable inverter that produces clean energy that is free from spikes and distortions without making a lot of noise of a traditional generator. The package comes tight and secure, and includes battery charging cables and an easy to follow manual.

There are two cons about this machine. First, this inverter generator does not come with oil, which is not a big issue, though other generators come with one. The second is, the manual says that there is a dipstick for checking the oil, however, this machine does not have one.

Besides these two issues, the WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator is a nice machine that fires up on the first pull after you have filled it with oil and gas. Just make sure to run it on fuel saving mode for few hours before using it to power up a TV, PlayStation 3, and the heater for up to 6 1/2 hours.

This inverter generator runs very quiet, so quiet that you can barely hear it running. It also comes with standard features that will make you feel as if you spent your money in the ‘right’ one.

Best Small Inverter Generator for Traveling

Generac 6719 IX Series 2000 Generator Review

The Genrac’s IX Series inverter technology takes the raw power generated by this machine and passes it through the microprocessor installed in it to deliver clean and stable power that is safe for powering up computers and other sensitive electronic devices.

The Generac 6719 IX Series 2000 Generator can load up to 2100w for short burst and produce 2000w of electricity continuously without a problem. You can use it for camping and powering up speakers. It is noisier than Yamaha and Honda, but you get this machine in half the price. Also, beware that Generac will not value the warranty after 3 hours of use. Other than these issues, this inverter generator works great and runs quiet.

Best Digital Inverter Generator to Buy

Westinghouse WH2000iXLT Inverter Generator Review

The WH2000iXLT Inverter Generator is portable generator that produces efficient, clean, and quiet power for all of your recreational needs. It comes equipped with paralleling capability for double the power and a 12V DC outlet that can be used for various purposes.

The Westinghouse WH2000iXLT is an efficient machine that starts every time you pull the cable. It runs quiet and could have been even lighter. This machine is just as good as a Honda and maybe even better because of different features such as the bigger gas tank, easy access to spark plug, 12v outlet socket, and oil fill and carburetor bowl drain. Make sure you run this gen for about 5 hours at different speeds before changing the oil and then again at 20 hour and then after every 50 hours (install a hour meter for $10 from Amazon to check oil everyday) and this machine should last super long.

The cost of this gen is half of a Yamaha or Honda.

Best Inverter Generator on the Market

Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 75531i is a quiet, portable, and lightweight gen that produces clean, quiet power for everyday recreational needs – RVs, campsites, cabins, and other remote locations. The new Champion 75531i cranks up on the very first pull after adding some oil and fuel. It is definitely a little bit louder than you might expect, but as soon as it kicks off with the ‘economy’ mode turned ON, the sound level drops significantly. The build quality of this gen seems pretty solid. The two wheels, for example, are rubber and not solid plastic, so it wheels around quietly. There are handles at the top and on the exhaust side, making it easier to lift and wheel it around.

In short, the Champion 75531i inverted generator is a great purchase if you consider its current price and that it is backed by a good warranty service. The customer service is very responsive and helpful too.

Best Inverter Generator for the Money

Yamaha EF2000is Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator Review

The Yamaha EF2000is is a powerful, efficient, and portable gen that delivers maximum electrical output without sacrificing portability. This gen is capable of generating up to 2,000 watts of electrical energy of clean AC power, and it can run quietly up to 10.5 hours without you having to refuel it and uses top notch technologies to maximize fuel efficiency.

The Yamaha portable inverter generator is nicely designed and high quality unit. Most customers prefer it over Honda Eu2000i because it contains a fuel gauge and much lighter (2 pounds) and has better style. However, it is slightly bigger than the pictures shown on Amazon, but for 2000watts, that should not be a problem. Another thing is that it does not come with oil in them.

Simply follow the manual to put the oil in it, and then fill the gas, and turn it on. The chord pull is extremely easy. You will absolutely love this gen. If you want, you can use it for camping/fishing during winter season.

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