Best Honda Generator for Home Backup in 2017

If your power is prone to dipping in and out it might be worth investing in a Honda generator for home backup.

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Even in usually stable areas, extreme weather events can cause problems with the power supply that can make everyday life a struggle. Storms and hurricanes appear to be increasingly common in recent years, and now is a good time to invest in a backup generator for when disaster strikes. Most people are familiar with Honda thanks to their well-regarded cars, but the Japanese brand also makes home generators that could get you out of a tight spot. Here are three good options for you to consider.

Best Super Quiet Honda Inverter Generator

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Generator Review

One common gripe with home generators is the noise that they make. With the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Generator that isn’t a problem thanks to Honda technology that means the generator produces just 59 decibels of noise under its rated output of 1600W. Its maximum output is 120 Volts and 2000 Watts, and the generator will provide 3,4 hours of power at 1600W, or 8.1 hours at 400W output.

The EU2000I has a recoil starter system and its super quiet stable power is perfect for home computers and other electronics. It is high on the bestseller list on Amazon and can often be purchased for a discounted price.

Best Portable Honda Generator under $1500

Powermate PM0497008 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

For those in need of a greater amount of power, the Powermate PM0497008 Gas Powered Portable Generator is a better option. This larger gas-powered generator produces 7,000 running Watts, and can boost up to 8,750 Watts at most. Power is provided by a 13 horsepower Honda GX390 OHV engine which automatically shuts down if it detects low oil levels.

An 8 gallon gas tank means that the generator can run for up to 12.3 hours at 50% capacity. In terms of outputs PM0497008 boasts four 120 Volt outlets alongside one 120/240 Volt twistlock outlet and even features circuit breaker protection to keep your devices safe.

Best Honda Inverter Generator for Backup Power

Honda EU2000 Portable Inverter Generator Review

The third Honda model features an eco-throttle system which means that the engine only works as hard as it needs to under a specific load. This improves fuel efficiency a lot.

Although the Honda EU2000 Portable Inverter Generator is capable of producing 1,600 Watts as standard or 2,000 Watts maximum, it can be connected to another EU2000 generator in a parallel system should you require more power.

The inverter technology affords stable power that is perfect for home electronics, and the generator features two 120 Volt outlets. A 98cc Honda engine provides reliable power sufficient for most home energy needs.

The two smaller generators will be sufficient for most people, while the EU2000I is recommended for those worried about noise. For larger houses or those in need of more power, it is worth investing in a PM0497008 as a Honda generator for home backup.

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Don’t be left without power the next time that the grid goes down in your neighborhood, get online and order your Honda generator from Amazon now.