Best Generator for Mobile Detailing

Power plays a key role in our modern society. With almost every household appliance to industrial machinery running on electricity, stable power supply becomes a necessity. After the invention of the electric motor by Michael Faraday, humanity has been constantly searching for more efficient ways of developing and utilizing power. But sometimes, connecting directly to the power grid is not possible. A continuous connection to electricity becomes a necessity in remote places, especially if you work in mobile detailing. So generators help fill this power gap by supplying enough power.

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Generators are perfect for mobile detailing. There are two types of generators, power inverter or simply known as inverter con be used when appliances operate on small amount of power. Since inverters convert dc current to ac some source of electricity must be provided to the inverter. Inverter generators are expensive considering initial investment and running cost.

The second type is portable generators which produce electricity from fuel such as propane or natural gas. There is wide range of generators out in the market. But the selection of the generators is based on few of the important factors. The most important criteria for generator is the demand of the power, which varies for different jobs. Other factors include safety feature, performance, cost and fuel efficiency. This article provides information about some of the options which could be considered as best generator for mobile detailing.

Best Cheap Gas Portable Generator

All Power America APG 3004D Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

The All Power America APG 3004D can generate 100 watts of running power and 1200 surge. The generator is powered by single cylinder, two stroke, air cooled engine. It can produce 115 volts at frequency of 60 Hz with 6.5 amp rating. The additional feature includes rubber mounted foot which can absorb the vibrations preventing any movement of the generator.

This generator can run for 8.5 hours at 50% load with full tank. The fuel tank capacity is 1.2 gallons. The generator comes with charger including cables and battery with trickle charging feature. The dimensions are 15.6*13.8*13.2 inches and weighing only 47 pounds. This product is expensive compared to other same rating generator. But the features like compact sizing and portability and vibration damping foot adds its name to the best generator for mobile detailing list.

Best 4000-Watt Portable Generator to Buy

Champion Model 46596 4000 Watt Portable Generator Review

If your power requirement is no more than 2000 watts than the Champion Model 46596 Generator should be a suitable choice for you. This gasoline generator has capacity of constantly generating 3500 watts with maximum output of 4000 watts. The generator is powered by 196cc champion OHV single cylinder, four stroke engine, with output of 120 volts, 60 Hz operating at 3600 RPM. The power output is not as stable as main line.

This generator can run for 12 hours at 50% operating load with 3.8-gallons of gasoline tank. This unit weighs 97 lbs and has similar features similar to champion 42436 except CARB compliance. With high popularity on amazon site this generator provides great value for money and makes its way in the list of best generator for mobile detailing.

Best Power Washer Generator Combo for Mobile Detailing

Mobile Wash System with Generator Review

Now those who specifically need a generator for mobile detailing, the Mobile Wash System with Generator could be a considerable option for you. Its powered by 8HP Honda OHV engine with electric start. With its unique and compact design it can produce water pressure of 2000psi. Along with that it can also generate power of 4000 watts and has two 120 volts outlets.

Any size of water tank can be fitted with this system. The innovative design makes it one of the best generator for mobile detailing. But the cost is very high for those who can afford this could be a best choice considering for mobile detailing.

Best Portable Generator to Buy

Champion Power Equipment 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator houses a Champion 80cc OHV engine which can produce 1200 watts running power and 1500 watts of power surge. This generator excels power production at affordable price without compromising quality. The engine is equipped with cast iron sleeve which ensures durability and long term life. The low oil shut off sensor fitted to engine also prevents engine from damage.

This generator also includes a fuel gauge with lets you keep your eye on fuel levels. The crankshaft uses SAE10W-30 oil with capacity of 0.42qts. This unit can generate 120 volts duplex power with 10 amperes rating which limits the number of operating appliances. With fuel tank capacity of 1.4 gallons the generator will run for 10 hours at 50% load. With dimensions of 17.7L*14.8H*14.0W inches and weighing only 56 lbs makes it one of the most compact and portable generators. The characteristic features such as quiet operation, portability and lightweight makes it one of the Best generator for mobile detailing.

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