Best Duromax and Durostar Generators

Duropower, based out of California, manufactures two of the most-well recognized brands when it comes to generators: Durostar and Duromax. Duropower was owned by Dexin International Inc and was incorporated in 1992. Durostar and Duromax both produce high power, quality portable generators that are some of the best on the market.

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Both Duromax and Durostar contain motors that are manufactured by Duropower. These engines are produced specifically for these generators. Most generators use engines that are outsourced and are not designed for that specific model. The Duropower engines are made from cast iron sleeves that are durable and will last a long time.

Difference Between Durostar and Duromax

There is very little difference between Durostar and Duromax generators. The main difference is price. Durostar generators are designed to be extremely affordable. Just about anyone can afford a Durostar. Duromax generators are designed for mid-range affordability. They cost more than Durostar generators but have also have a few more features.

The quality between the two brands is essentially the same. Since the Durostar generators are less expensive, they have less features than the Duromax generators. The features lacking on a Durostar are not that important and are more for convenience more than anything. Both brands are high quality and include the features you need..

Best Generator for the Money

Duro Max XP4400E Portable Generator Review

The Duro Max XP4400E Portable Generator is on the high end of the spectrum. This generator sends out 4400 Watts of surge and 3500 Watts of power. The low oil warning sensor and low oil shutoff will help extend the life of the engine. It has an electric start and is EPA certified.

This Duromax contains a muffler that helps reduce the noise and the control panel has a circuit breaker and a volt meter. The unit contains 2 standard outlets, 1 twist lock RV outlet and a 12 Volt DC outlet for charging. This is a great option for camping or RV use.

Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Durostar DS4400EHF Hybrid Generator Review

Another excellent choice is the Durostar DS4400EHF Hybrid Generator. This generator is similar to the one above except this generator has the added versatility of being dual fuel. It can run on either propane or gasoline and is fully EPA and CARB compliant.

It is not only good for the environment but is also able to be used in the national park system. It can operate on 20 hours of propane at 25% load or eight hours on gas at 50% load.

It produces the same 4400 Watt surge capacity and 3500 Watt continuous power generation as the Durostar DS4000E and contains the same outlet layout. It uses an electric start and has a low oil shutoff. The Durostar DS4400EHF Hybrid Generator is a top-of-the-line unit and is both durable and reliable

Best Generator for Construction Sites

Duromax XP4000S Portable Generator Review

The Duromax XP4000S Portable Generator is a portable generator that can also be stationary. The wheels are large enough that they won’t get stuck in the mud or dirt. Many construction sites need a reliable and portable power source that they can use for an extended time and this generator will provide that power

This machine can produce 4000 Watts of surge and 3300 Watts of constant power. It is perfect for the operation of power tools and equipment. The recoil start is easy to use and it is surrounded by a heavy duty steel frame for unit protection.

Two standard outlets and one twist lock outlets are provided as well as a volt meter to monitor the output of power. The main circuit breaker offers overcharge protection. This is one of the best generators for construction or job sites.

Best Portable Generator to Buy

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator Review

The DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator will give you up to 4400 Watts of surge and 3700 Watts of straight power and is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

The eight inch never flat tires allow for easy portability and the folding handle also helps make it easy to move. It contains two types of starts – a recoil start and an electric start. The full control panel allows you to monitor status updates. It is protected by a circuit breaker and includes a volt meter.

The outlets included are one 120/240 Volt twist lock, two standard 20 Amp 120 Volt and one 12 Volt DC charging outlet. This generator can be used in a variety of situations including power for a job site or as backup power for home. It is also very quiet and generates only 69 db of noise and is EPA complaint and can be used in national parks.

Best Portable Generator With Wheel Kit

DuroMax XP10000E Generator Review

The DuroMax XP10000E Generator is one of the best power producers on the market. It is rated at an amazing 10,000 watts of surge with 8000 Watts of continuous power. This generator can easily power a large home. It is contains both recoil and electric start and can operate at 10 hours at 50% load.

This model contains two standard 20 amp 120 Volt outlets, one 120/240 twist lock and 240 Volt standard and 120 Volt NEMA outlet. In addition it has a 12 Volt DC outlet connection.

The DuroMax XP10000E Generator is EPA compliant and includes a spark arrestor for use in national parks or state parks. This is an amazing generator and for anyone that needs portable back up power, this generator will handle the chore with ease.

When using any of these generators, make sure you stay safe by reading the instruction manual and following any warnings provided. Never use the generator near flammable materials and only use it outdoors.

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Be sure the unit is cool before refueling it and drain the fuel before storing it. By performing regular maintenance, your Duromax or Durostar generator will last for many years to come.

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