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Champion Power Equipment is a United States based company located in California. They manufacture a variety of power equipment including generators and pressure washers.

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Champion is a well-known name among the backup power market, particularly when it comes to generators. They have the longest warranties and the highest rated 24/7 support of any generator company. They offer support for the lifetime of the unit. This is a great feature, especially when the generator is only used occasionally for power outages. It wouldn’t be very fun for your generator to go out when you need it the most.

Features to Consider

Choosing the right generator to buy can be confusing due to the large variety on the market. When looking at Champion, you will only need to choose between an inverter type or a standard type.

Inverter generators are more powerful, more compact and more energy efficient than standard generators. Of course, you will also have to pay more for these benefits. Essentially, the power is inverted from AC to DC and then back to AC again. This will even out the distribution of the power for a cohesive sine wave patter. You don’t have to know what that all means – just that you’ll get more power for less money.

If you can’t afford an inverter generator, then a standard generator will work well for whatever power needs you have. It can easily power a home in the case of a power outage..

Best Champion Portable Generator to Buy

Champion Model 42436 Portable Generator Review

The Champion Model 42436 Portable Generator gives out 1500 Watts of surge capacity and is rated for 1200 Watts. This model contains a low oil sensor, a volt meter and has overcharge protection. It can operate for 10 hours at half load. It is powered by gasoline and is CARB compliant in all states, including California.

It contains one power socket that is protected from overload. This is a great power source for camping or for construction sites. It is extremely quiet with 65 dba of noise output. For a small portable generator for general use, this is a popular option.

Best Affordable Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Model 73536i Inverter Generator Review

Anyone shopping for a portable unit that produces clean power should consider the Champion Model 73536i Inverter Generator. It contains two power outlets that are protected by a circuit breaker. A 12 Volt DC charging outlet is also included.

This Generator weighs less than 50 pounds and has low mode that reduces engine speed which saves energy and money.

Being CARB compliant and energy efficient, this is the perfect generator for camping, powering an RV or for general use around the house.

Best Small Inverter Generator on the Market

Champion 75531i Inverter Generator Review

Shopping for clean backup power, consider the Champion 75531i Inverter Generator. Extremely portable at 80 pounds and very quiet at just 58db of noise, this machine is powerful enough for RVing, camping, construction site or even home backup power during an electrical outage.

It contains 2 standard outlets, protected by a circuit breaker and also contains a 12 Volt DC outlet. A twist lock 120/240 Volt outlet is included as well. Because it is an inverter generator, you will receive clean, reliable power for your precious electronics.

Best Portable Generator for the Money

Champion Model 46596 Portable Generator Review

The Champion Model 46596 Portable Generator has 4000 Watts of surge capacity and is rated for 3500 Watts. Perfect for construction site usage or for home backup power during an outage. It can operate for 12 hours at half load and is powered by gas.

It contains a variety of protected outlets including a RV outlet. It contains a voltmeter, low oil sensor and overcharge protection. This generator is good to have around for those moments when you need suddenly need a reliable power source.

Best Portable Generator with Wireless Remote

Champion Model 41533 Generator Review

The Champion Model 41533 Generator is a very powerful machine at 9200 Watts surge and 7200 Watts of constant power. It can power large items such as refrigerators and sump pumps. This generator is completely CARB compliant and has an electric start.

The best feature is that it has a wireless remote. This is convenient for starting the generator without having to venture outdoors. This unit has a variety outlets for many different uses.

The control panel allows you to monitor the output and operating hours as well as the oil and fuel capacity. For anyone who wants reliable back up power or power on the job site, this is a great choice.

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When it comes to backup power, it is important to read the instruction manual and adhere to all safety advice. Failure to do so could cause you serious injury or worse. Never use your generator indoors and always have a carbon monoxide detector in each room of your home. Proper use of your generator will give you a safe backup power source that you will be able to rely on for many years.

Each of the Champion generators reviewed above include a 2 year warranty and lifetime tech support. No matter which one you choose, you will be getting a high quality product that is an excellent source of backup power.

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